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Heroin - I think we all have to come together, local committees need to be formed made up of counselors, law enforcement officers, judges, the local community, and family members that have been affected by this epidemic to brainstorm about how to tackle this problem from every angle. There’s no way one person can fix it, But people’s lives are being snuffed out because of this horrible drug and the ones who are dealing it, are the ones profiting off the destruction of other people’s lives. THIS MUST STOP!

Illegal Immigration - A 14 year old girl at Rockville High School was raped in school by two of her fellow students. One of those students had an "illegal alien deportation removal order" against them. 18 year old criminals set to be deported should not be a freshman in our public schools. Democrats in the General Assembly are looking to pass a sanctuary state bill that would prevent law enforcement from following the law to comply with immigration enforcement efforts. This is unacceptable. We have enough trouble with dealing with our own criminal citizens why should take on extra burdens dealing with Illegal Immigrants that commit crimes that should not even be here.

I'am not against Immigration my wife is an Immigrant that came to this country at the age of 11 at that time she recalls it took roughly 3 years for the entire immigration process to take place. Her family got in line and did it in a lawful and proper way, she went on to graduate high school and then went into the military, she is now a Honorably Discharged Veteran and a working, tax paying, crime free citizen. So you see, my problem is not with immigration its with Illegal Immigration hence the word, "Illegal".

Health Care - If you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you must pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment. (The fee is sometimes called the "penalty," "fine," or "individual mandate.") Who determines what you can or can not afford? You should have the right to make your own choices with your money. Somethings may be good with The Affordable Care Act and somethings are not. Nothing is perfect we have to stop, if I'm Left Wing/Democrat I don't want anything to do with whatever a Right Wing/Republican has created or proposed and vice versa. Lets work together, as a Candidate for Congress I believe the best way to achieve this is to listen to my District's concerns and represent THEIR interest in Congress.

Military Veterans - Our Veterans should definitely come before Illegal Immigrants, if Illegal Immigrants get any benefits at all. Our Military Veterans have served our country and they deserve better.

Small Businesses - Small businesses are the pillars of the community, they are very important to our economy, they create jobs and deserve tax breaks which they pass on by hiring more people, who in turn work and pay taxes back into the economy. It’s a win-win. As Congressman of Maryland's 1st District I will fight to ensure that small businesses have the opportunities to maintain and thrive.

Emergency Responders and Volunteer Firefighters - As a former Volunteer Firefighter for many years I was proud to serve my community. The State must continue to support these organizations when ever we can so that they may continue to be there for us when we need them. (I'm a Former Volunteer Firefighter of Station 20, Oxford Maryland.)

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