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It's Your Right

I believe that a couple of laws on Maryland's books need to be modified. Stiffer gun control laws only harm law abiding citizens, since criminals obtain their guns illegally. They do not take MD's HQL classes and purchase registered guns. We need laws that are harsh on those that choose to break guns laws, commit crimes while using guns or getting caught with a gun while being a prohibited person. Send Lamont Taylor to Congress in 2018 and I will fight for these changes!

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Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws

Illegal Immigration laws must be enforced. I'm NOT against immigration I'm against illegal immigration. I know of no other law that you can break and get rewarded for doing so. Who carries the burden for these illegal immigrants benefits?... The working taxed citizens, that's who. I will vote to enforce illegal immigration laws, to help fix the problems that plague our borders. "If people cross our borders, they should get in line and do it in a proper, lawful way."

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Small Businesses

Small businesses are very important to our economy, they create jobs and serve our local communities. As Congressman of Maryland's 1st District I will fight to ensure that small businesses have the opportunities to maintain and thrive.

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